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4. Tasks – This is a section of easy tasks that will pay you anywhere from a few cents for a few dollars. Always look in this section if you’re looking for something quick to do working from home and you still want to earn money.
5. Videos – This is probably the easiest way to earn with this company. You simply watch some videos at your home and you get paid depending on how long the video is.
6. Toolbar – If you install their tool bar you can use it as a search engine and get paid based on the amount of searches you do. This is an easy way to earn money with and can replace google which you probably visit multiple times per day.
7. Winning Coins Through Games & Contests – You can actually get paid to play games and enter contests. This is a fun way to earn money, and it won’t pay you much but if you like to spend time playing games then this is a great way to earn some extra money for doing next to nothing after you Sign Up For
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The more you earn, you gain experience and you can actually achieve higher levels. The higher level you are, the more you will get rewarded for your work and referral earnings.
Referrals With
This is the best way to earn with You can earn referrals and attain higher levels which will pay out higher amounts. Just starting out, being at level 2, you will receive 30% commissions from first level referrals and 10% commission from second level referrals. A first level referral is one that you directly refer, and a second level is a member that your referrals refer. The more referrals you can obtain you will see your account grow hourly and this has the most potential to Earn With
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Find Profitable Niches with AmazonI’m always recommending the Amazon affiliate program to new affiliate marketers. Their affiliate program is perfect for affiliate marketing newbies for a few reasons. They’re a trusted brand name that converts with a massive number of products available for you to promote. Plus they have no “approval process” so you can just sign up and begin promoting their products right away.
Another cool thing about the Amazon affiliate program though is it’s a fantastic way to find profitable niches with very little competition. So if you’re a bit stuck for keyword ideas it’s a great place to head to to get some inspiration.
To find these “golden nugget” niches just log into your Amazon Assosciates account and head over over to the ‘Product Links’ section:
Finding Amazon Products
Then pick a category from the menu and click ‘Go’:
Search Amazon
Now browse through the products and look for the ones with a good ‘Sales Rank’:
Product Sales Rank
If a product has a ‘Sales Rank’ number it means it’s selling well.
Then search for these popular Amazon products in the Google Keyword Tool to see if people are searching for these items in Google:
Keyword Research
If the keyword is getting a decent number of searches then take a look at how much competition there is in the search engines:
Google Search for Amazon Keywords
Look for products that have few results in the search engines (less than a million is good!) and hardly and other websites targetting that keyword.
The trick is to find products that are selling well on Amazon, have a decent number of searches AND have little competition.
It might take a bit of sifting through the various Amazon products but if you put some time into it you can find some very lucrative keywords to build your websites around.
Some more examples of Amazon products with little search engine engine competition include:
Amazon Keyword Examples
Amazon has literally thousands of these profitable niche products that are just waiting to be promoted… so get out there and make some money!

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Google Plus MarketingGoogle’s new social network Google+ has been steadily growing every day yet very few marketers are building any kind of presence for their website or business. Some marketers just have absolutely no idea where to begin whilst others simply don’t see the value in it.
So today I’m going to show you exactly why you should bother with Google Plus marketing as well as how you can go about doing it.

Here’s WHY You Should Be Marketing on Plus…

1) Google+ gets your content “shared”.
It’s a network with a huge sharing culture so if you put out cool stuff, whether it be pictures, videos or a links to great content – then people will re-share it. This makes it an excellent traffic source and a great way to constantly get your content to new people.
2) Google is already integrating aspects of Google+ into their search results.You might have already noticed that Google is now integrating posts and links that are shared on to the G+ network by people that are in your circles into the search results allowing you to pick up even more traffic. And my money is on them integrating social signals into their search results more and more into the future.
3) Because you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one basket.
Whilst some people are screaming out “Facebook has too much of a head start! Don’t waste your time with Google+!” I on the other hand admit that I have absolutely no idea where the social media world will be in a couple of years or who will come out on top. So I would rather hedge my bets and be on all of them.
Yes I’ll keep building my presence on Facebook too but I’m also putting time into figuring out Google+ and it’s already starting to pay off.
4) Because the Early Bird Gets the Worm.
It’s almost always easier if you get in early. You encounter less competition, less restrictions and less saturation.
I wish I had of started building up my Facebook presence much earlier on when pages were still more of a novelty and every man and his dog wasn’t on there trying to get you to like their shit.
I would of had a much bigger headstart and would have a much larger influence in the Facebook world right now but back then I didn’t see the value in any of these things and I actually thought that “MySpace” was the unbeatable king the social world… hindsight is a bitch aye.
But that’s enough about the why and lets jump to the how.

Here’s HOW To Build A Big Following on Plus…

Google Plus FollowersSo far I’ve managed to amass close to 10,000 followers on my G+ account as well as build up pages with thousands of followers for several of my niches.
Here’s how you can do the same:
1) Funnel fans from your other social properties to your Google+ account.
Have you already got a populated Facebook page for your website or niche? How about a Twitter? What about a big email list? Let them know about your Google+ profile and most importantly give them a INCENTIVE to circle you!
Are you in the doggy training niche? Let them know that you’ll “be revealing 3 of your closely guarded doggy training secrets later in the week to only your G+ followers”.
Promoting a specific product? Tell them you’ll be offering big exclusive discounts to only you G+ followers later in the week.
Get creative and come up with something enticing and ask yourself “what would make me want to circle this guy?”
2) “Borrow” followers from other people and pages related to your niche.Here’s an extremely easy way to very quickly build up a huge following of people that are interested in your niche.
Simply find popular Google+ profiles and pages that belong to people within your niche… and then steal their followers!
You can do this by just searching for your niche in the search bar and selecting the ‘People and Pages’ option:
Google Plus Search
Then look for profiles with large amounts of followers and click the ‘View All’ link next to the section that with their followers:
Find Followers
Then one by one add each person to one of your own circles:
Steal Followers
Something like 20-30% of all of the people that you follow will wind up following you back. Sometimes more if you make your profile really interesting with lots of useful updates.
Takes a bit of time but it works and it’s extremely easy!
3) Share awesome stuff with your circles.
Share great content that people will re-share and not only will you get more traffic but you’ll be able to gain new followers.
Share Cool Stuff
Every time a new person sees your post and likes it – there’s a chance they’ll also decide to follow you.

That’s all there is to it…

Keep repeating these steps over and over and you’ll soon find yourself with a sizable G+ following on your hands. From here you can use it to promote and drive traffic to your niche related websites… remember the key to getting lots of traffic from plus is to share content that people will actually enjoy and want to re-share.
Oh and one more thing – don’t forget to follow me on G+ for more tips on growing your following ;)
Get Free Traffic From RedditToday I want to talk about a huge source of traffic that a lot of internet marketers are ignoring – reddit.
The potential for reddit marketing is absolutely huge but most people don’t have a clue how to go about it… so today I’m going to lay it all out for you.

So how does reddit work?

Reddit  is an incredibly popular social sharing website where people can submit links about all sorts of topics and then the rest of the community can vote up or down those links. The site currently has an Alexa traffic rank of #54 and receives billions of page views each month.
The site is divided into heaps of different categories called ‘sub-reddits’. So if you want to find or post a technology link you would head over to /r/Technology. Or if you want to post about politics then you can do so at /r/Politics. Or perhaps you’ve got a music related link? Then you’d head over to /r/Music. There’s a sub-reddit for almost everything.
Links that get submitted to reddit that are well received by the community can easily get thousands of visitors from one submission. If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for a while then you might remember when people used to talk about the ‘Digg effect’. This was when (a site that operates very similarly to reddit) was a lot more popular and submitting a link to it could cause you to get an insane amount of traffic which was known as the ‘digg effect’.
These days though Digg has died down and the ‘reddit effect’ as replaced it:
The Reddit Effect

How to get to the front page of reddit…

Obviously you can’t just submit any old junk and expect to get a tonne of visitors. You need to be a bit strategic about what you submit and where you submit it.
The good news though is that you don’t need to get to the front page of reddit to get a tonne of traffic. Reddit has so much traffic that even a submission that does ‘pretty well’ will bring you an incredible amount of traffic.
A good way to get a sense of what sort of content works well on reddit is to simply spend a bit of time browsing through their various submissions (warning: it can be pretty addictive).
By visiting the front page of reddit we can see the most popular recent submissions:
Reddit Front Page
Look through all of the most popular submissions and check out the comments for each submission and you’ll quickly start to get a sense of what the reddit culture is like. Understanding the culture of reddit will help you greatly to make successful submissions.

So what sort of culture does reddit have?

The reddit community tends to be quite liberal and internet savvy and they like to be entertained rather then sold to. They like to learn and love stuff that’s interesting or humorous and love subjects like technology, gaming, science and politics (oh yeah and cats).
This short video does a pretty good job at summing up the reddit culture:

Create your content with reddit in mind…
The more time you spend sifting through the popular submissions on reddit and the more that you submit the better you’ll get at working out what type of submissions will work well on reddit.
Below though I’ll give you a few pointers as to how you should create and submit your content so that it does well.

Your title is extremely important…

The title of your submission is going to be the first thing people will see and it can literally make or break your submission. Before you can get people to vote up your submissions you have to first get them to check it out and it’s with a good title that you can do this.
Try to create a title that is as interesting and enticing as you can possibly make it. Good titles include ones that ignite curiosity, stir up controversy or only give away half of the story (making them click your link to get the full scoop!).
Again just experimenting with different titles and checking out the titles of other popular submissions will help you to nail the art of writing a great submission title.

Be subtle…

Don’t just go in all guns blazing posting links to every single page that you have. Instead fly under the radar. Don’t be obvious about the fact that you are promoting your own website and don’t only post links to your own websites.
Mix it up by submitting interesting content from other sites and even commenting on some other submissions. Redditors can easily see your past comment and submissions and if they think that you’re only there to market your stuff they are just going to downvote all of your submissions into oblivion.

Add a reddit button to your site…

Another good way to encourage users to upvote your content is to make it as easy as possible for them by adding a reddit button your pages. You can find a whole bunch of reddit buttons here that you can embed into your site.

Pro-tip: borrow content from other sites…

Getting your content to go viral on reddit doesn’t mean that you have to spend an insane amount of time writing amazing content or creating an incredible video. An easy way to add good viral content to your site that will work well is to simply recycle good content from other parts of the web.
This could be as simple as embedding a popular YouTube video that’s related to your niche onto your site and then submitting it to a niche related sub-reddit. Another example is to add good infographics to your site that are related to your niche and then post them to reddit.
Or you could find hot news stories related to your niche that are trending, re-write them and then add them to your website. If you’re the first to post a story or viral video then you can get an insane amount of traffic by doing this.

Reddit is also great for backlinks!

Aside from being great for free traffic reddit is also awesome from an SEO point of view as you’ll score a tonne of quality backlinks from a good submission. Not only do you get a backlink from the actual submission itself but you also score another backlink for every person that comments on your submission as the link gets re-posted to their user profile.
So if 50 people comment on your submission… you’ll get a backlink on the profiles of all of the commenters giving you a cool 50 backlinks.
Often people will even find your submission on reddit and then re-post it to other sites bringing even more backlinks and traffic to your site. I’ve had some of my submissions reposted to extremely high authority websites before and acquired some killer backlinks by doing this.

What’re you waiting for? Get on it!

The potential for social marketing on reddit is absolutely huge and if your website is about a niche that’s even slightly interesting then it’s something that you should really be jumping on.
Tonnes of traffic, tonnes of high quality authority backlinks, totally free… what’s not to love?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Steal Your Competitors BacklinksHere’s a simple SEO strategy that will help you to beat those pesky competing websites that are outranking you in the search engines thanks to a little bit of reverse engineering.
It involves spying on your competitions’ backlinks with free tools that tell you not only how many backlinks a site has (which will give you an idea of hard they will be to beat) but exactly where the backlinks are located.
There’s a few tools around that let you do this but I’m going to recommend Open Site Explorer just because you don’t have to register an account and can begin checking out your competitors’ backlinks right away.
So lets say that we are trying to rank for the term “Juice Extractor Reviews” – just a random keyword I’ve picked out of thin air. We would first do a Google search for this term to find out what the top ranking websites are:
Find Competitors
Next we would head over to a keyword checker tool like Open Site Explorer and search for the top ranking sites:
Backlink Search
And BAM. You’ve got yourself a full list of their backlinks:
Finally just go through each site see which ones you can also get for link on for yourself:
Copying Backlink
Now obviously you aren’t going to be able to get a backlink on every site that your competitors have but you’ll be suprised at just how many you can.
Keep an eye out particularly for blogs (that you can comment on), forums (that you can build signature and profile links on), directories (that you can submit your website too) and any other type of website that allows some kind of submission that includes a website URL.
By simply copying what high ranking websites do you can duplicate their success!
Get Quality Backlinks with Knowem
Today I want to share a free website that that I stumbled across a while ago that is so useful for finding quality sites to get backlinks to your website that even if it was the only resource that you used to find backlinks – you’d still probably be able to get a first page ranking.
The website I’m talking about is and it allows you to easily find a huge amount of high quality websites that you can register an account with and create a backlink on. These sites include free blogging platforms, social bookmarking websites, photo sharing websites, video sharing websites and more. These are not crappy, spammy websites with little value – they’re all huge, authority websites that Google loves.
I’m all about quality over quantity when it comes to my backlinks and whilst many affiliate marketers have this idea that you need to have literally hundreds of thousands of backlinks to a get a high ranking website the truth is that you can come out on top by instead of just focusing on building quality links rather then sheer volume.
In fact many of my niche websites that are ranking high on the first page of Google for their keyword have no more then 10-30 high quality backlinks!
So here’s how you can use Knowem to dominate the search engines:
First enter your keyword on their homepage and hit the ‘Check It’ button:
Search for Keyword
Then click the ‘Social Networks’ tab to see a full list of all of the available websites for building backlinks on:
Social Profiles Link
You’ll then be taken a list of over 340 popular social media sites that you can create a profile with and build a backlink to your website on:
Web Properties
Then all that you need to do is go through each web property one by one and create a profile on each site along with a backlink to your website wherever it allows it. Start with the websites that your exact keyword is available as a profile name – having a backlink from a URL with your exact keyword ( is a huge signal to Google that your website is super relevant to that keyword. For websites where your exact keyword is already taken just add an extra word to your profile name.
Finally on the websites that allow you to interact with the site in some way (and most of them will) make sure that you do so! By commenting on things, adding friends on sites that allow it and contributing to these websites you’ll be able to also build links within that site back to your profile page making your backlinks even more powerful.
The more that you interact with these sites the stronger your backlinks from these sites will be. Spend a decent amount of time doing this on each site and you’ll have some extremely high quality backlinks on your hands… and as a result you’ll start to see your rankings skyrocket.
Obviously it would take quite some time to get through the entire list and you probably wouldn’t even need to get the whole way through it to start seeing some really positive website rankings but if you just do a few each day and eventually get through most of the list you’ll be well on your way to a #1 ranking for your keyword!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Use Footprints to Build Powerful BacklinksHere’s another SEO tip that will help you to get extremely relevant backlinks to your website. We’re going to do this by using what are called “Footprints”.
So what exactly is a footprint? Simply put – they are strings of text that we can search for to find sites that run using a specific software.
As an example most blogs that run on WordPress will have the text “Powered by WordPress” somewhere on the website.
So if we wanted to find a whole bunch of WordPress websites I could just do a Google search for this footprint:
Searching for Footprints
Then to get more specific we can add a keyword to the mix. So if I wanted to find a whole bunch of WordPress powered blogs about cannabis we can do a search like this:
Cannabis Blog Footprints
So how can footprints help you to find relevant websites to build backlinks on?
We can use these footprints to find specific website platforms that we know allow us to add a link somewhere.
For example WordPress blogs are useful to us because we can leave a backlink by commenting on a post:
Comment Link
Footprints are also useful for finding relevant forums that allow you to build links in your profile and signature section too:
Forum Links
In fact there are quite a few different website platforms out there that allow you to add a link in some way and by using footprints we can easily find these sites.
Below I’ve compiled a list of footprints that you can use to find some of the most popular platforms out there that allow you to build a backlink somewhere on their website.
Forum Footprints:
vBulletin - “Powered by vBulletin”
phpBB - “Powered by phpBB”
MyBB - “Powered By MyBB” “Return to Content | Lite (Archive) Mode”
FluxBB - “Powered by fluxbb”
XenoBB - “Powered by XennoBB” + “Xenno Group”
UseBB - “Powered by UseBB 1 Forum Software”
XMB Forums - “Powered by XMB”
PHPNuke - “PHP-Nuke Copyright” + “by Francisco Burzi”
Blogs & Other Platform Footprings:
WordPress - “mail address will not be published” “Powered by WordPress”
Joomla - “Powered by Joomla!” “Write comment” “Website:”
B2Evolution - “Your email address will not be revealed on this site.” “Leave a comment”
Drupal - Powered by Drupal + “Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.”
4Images - “Powered by 4images” “Author:” “Comment”
BlogEngine - “Powered By BlogEngine” “Add A Comment” “Name*”
SquareSpace - site:* “Post a New Comment”
SharePoint - “Built using the SharePoint” “Comments”
Geeklog - “Powered by Geeklog” “The following comments are owned”
Plogger - “Powered by Plogger” “Post a comment:”
Movable Type - “Powered by Movable Type” + “Post a comment”
These backlinks will not only be extremely relevant but are extremely easy to obtain!